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27 December 2010 @ 03:01 am
From Twitter 12-26-2010  

  • 08:25:53: RT @ihatequotes: Don't ever let anyone define who you are or how you feel. Because you are the author of your own life. -@Gittayunanda # ...
  • 08:27:30: RT @ihatequotes: Forget those who hurt you in the past but always remember those who do good to you. -@bra_yeun #ihatequotes
  • 08:34:02: @soakedbone I don't know how things are around there, but you should do what you feel you have to. After all, it's your life you're choosing
  • 08:34:24: @soakedbone he'd be proud of you if you're happy. What makes you happy?
  • 11:18:17: @soakedbone I get it. It's better if you want to find a job easily. Also, arts and journalism are hard to understand from outside
  • 12:37:56: RT @PerezHilton: If I could have an attainable super power, it'd be to speak every language in the world! What somewhat 'realistic' supe ...
  • 14:48:23: It makes me sad to see that this world is slowly killing so many people's dreams.
  • 16:37:04: I hate it when you have plans and they get all dismantled.
  • 16:52:51: @82Milla Simplemente que se desmantelan y caen por su propio peso, pero no pasa nada porque se retoman otro día...
  • 16:56:49: @82Milla Si es que no puedo intentar sorprender a la gente, jajaja. Qué tal las navidades?
  • 16:59:25: @82Milla juas juas, cómo los has engañado a todos...
  • 17:06:39: @82Milla yo mucho, por eso mí Papá Noel no me ha traído nada
  • 17:53:50: What to buy the boyfriend? Decisions, decisions.
  • 21:50:48: @XxCrazySarahxX Spain forever!!!!
  • 21:54:08: @SteveMartinToGo Told ya those pills weren't aspirin!
  • 21:55:00: @XxCrazySarahxX I live there, I love it!
  • 23:13:04: @XxCrazySarahxX right now it's cold, but it's hooot in summer!

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