Snarky Journalist from Heck (lire_casander) wrote,
Snarky Journalist from Heck

From Twitter 12-20-2010

  • 11:37:23: Es la primera vez que juego a medias un décimo de lotería con alguien que no sea sangre de mi sangre... Supongo que es un paso importante!
  • 11:38:50: @aztecafeliz Que tengas un buen viaje!! No puedo esperar a verte!
  • 11:39:03: @PaquirrinElias Para qué la quieres?
  • 14:41:50: @cholinho y que pasa con el esperanto, que no es de dios o que?
  • 14:41:55: RT @cholinho: "Me encanta el máster para escribir en latín que estoy haciendo". Mira,yo respeto a todo el mundo,pero eres un friki...(co ...
  • 15:24:33: @cholinho y yo que pensaba hacerme un doctorado...
  • 16:48:01: My back aches again. Yuck.
  • 16:53:04: @thoughtsofwar I'm not feeling very well, but I'm working... How are you?
  • 17:00:53: @thoughtsofwar Me too, really.
  • 17:04:48: @thoughtsofwar *clings* How's your vacation going?
  • 17:21:07: @thoughtsofwar Good to hear that! I don't have hols until January :-S
  • 17:35:02: @thoughtsofwar My hols are from January 3rd to January 9th, I guess your birthday is in between!
  • 17:39:11: @thoughtsofwar January 5th!
  • 17:43:06: @thoughtsofwar Almost right, lol
  • 20:50:23: @tonyodb @cholinho que conste, y no va de cachondeo, que el esperanto es una de las lenguas que siempre quise parender...
  • 20:50:50: The bf wanted to invite me to lunch yesterday with his fam, but he thought I'd rather stay home and work on the thesis. [cont]
  • 20:51:22: [cont] He was right, staying in made me progress on the thesis, but as I told him, people are more important than any work or thesis [cont]
  • 20:51:42: [cont] so next time he should tell me first before thinking I'd choose a thesis over him any time.
  • 21:19:01: @thoughtsofwar You were right in your emails from last week. Thanks!
  • 21:32:20: @oscarhoyos Te veré en el conci de McFly? Porque te veo entregado a la causa!

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