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friends only

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before you comment

Random personal info:
I live in Madrid, Spain.
I am way over the legal age of consent.
My English isn't perfect.
I used to be a writer. If you're looking for fics/masterlists/recs, go over my writing journal, lc_writings.

I tend to be nice to everyone, but I do not hesitate in getting my pitchfork ready when needed.
I am loyal and stand up by the ones I love.
I try to respect everyone, and I expect nothing else but the same in return.
I breathe music, movies and literature. Expect a lot about it.
I tend to be an open book and talk about everything that crosses my mind - from politics to my last celebrity crush.
I am a fangirl to the bone - Maldita Nerea, Hanson, David Cook, Kris Allen. Expect tons of entries about these guys.
Due to unexpected but sad recent events in my life, no fanfiction writing will be had. You were here for the stories? You're mistaken, then.
Don't start drama. No, I mean it. Don't start drama/bashing/other hateful things over in MY journal. You will be banned immediately.

... and now, you wanna be friends? then comment here and let me know why i should friend you back!
Tags: friends only
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