November 15th, 2015

beauty&beast kiss

life can be a bitch sometimes (and that's why I'm back)

Over 4 years have passed since the last time I posted anything here. I don't even know if anyone might be interested in what I have to say anymore. In this 4 years, my life has come to a halt and started spinning once again so many times I have lost count. There has been good and there has been bad, and I'm sorry I've missed out on all of you. I thought having an RL could be easy to deal with while I had an LJ life. Guess what? I was mistaken. Again, I am sorry for having missed out on you.

In these years, I have encountered several new situations in life that I didn't know quite well how to react to. I have lost friends (RL ones, online ones), I have found many more, I've dealt (and still am dealing) with losing my only grandparent slowly, and I've got engaged. And at this point in my life, I have lost all inspiration. I can't write for the life of me, and it hurts so much it's tearing me apart. Again, I have no hope anyone around here still cares. I've been a horrible friend lately, so much as my so called best friends told me before erasing me from their lives (let's say it was a mutual thing that I will explain on another post, another time).

I hope everything is good with all of you. I won't say I will be posting daily, or weekly, because I sincerely have no idea about timing at this point in my new life dinamics. Just know I'll be around.